Banditos has partnered with RISE to provide our players with exclusive access to a pitch recognition training tool, designed to improve players’ contact skills and plate discipline through repetitions off the field. Banditos players can set up their account by filling out the registration form below, then downloading the app on their iPhone/iPad to receive unlimited access to training starting today

Unlimited Repetitions

RISE is designed to improve in-game decision-making and accelerate skill development off the field. Skill mastery requires attentive and consistent REPETITIONS before the skill ultimately becomes sub conscience (automatic). Within competitive team sports, there are barriers that restrict cognitive skill improvement with limitations that include physical capacity, time, and resources. RISE training provides athletes with a digital solution that replicates live game decision-making, so the brain continues to develop and process REPETITIONS off the field.

Quick Decisions + Corrective Feedback

Players can train and compete across High School, College, and Pro skill levels. As the skill level increases, the decision-making time is reduced and the opponents become more challenging, requiring players to enhance their speed and accuracy by training players to STOP THINKING and ultimately recognition becomes AUTOMATIC.

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