At E|L1, we are consistently looking for ways to enhance skill development programs and provide our athletes with access to the most effective training resources that increase their desire to succeed. One of these resources is RISE, a new pitch recognition app that provides players opportunities to accelerate their skills as hitters. This digital training tool has been launched by our strategic partners, Sports Academy Venture Lab, based in Los Angeles, CA.

Through our partnership with Sports Academy, E|L1 member athletes receive full training access to a RISE membership (1 year) at a 15% discount.

Unlimited Repetitions

Improving pitch recognition skills comes down to live at-bat repetitions, however players are limited to the number of live pitches they see in a season. Through RISE training, these live repetitions are replicated while requiring the same decision-making process, so the brain is receiving a full game's worth of repetitions in minutes.

Quick Decisions + Corrective Feedback

The training focuses on recognizing pitches in the first 30 feet of ball flight, where players can progress through skill levels to ultimately recognize pitch types at the moment of pitch release within a split second, training players to STOP THINKING and recognition is AUTOMATIC.

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